Living Life Full Out

Today, I want to take this opportunity to elaborate on what Living Life Full Out for me is all about. ..It is about embracing all that life offers and making the BEST of it!!

Living a life of no regrets,
where you do not feel like you are stuck in a prison in your own mind…
where you have the courage to live life the way you want to..
where you are empowered to make choices that benefit you and mankind..
where you give back selflessly and learn insatiably..
where every cell in your body is aware of who YOU are..
where you relish the drink from the fountain of life everyday in every circumstance..
where you own the responsibility for all your thoughts and actions..
where you step on lessons from the past to propel you to greater heights..
where you feel strong and capable and connected to one and all..
where you feel and express gratitude every possible time..
where you feelings are invigorated by the possibilities that every new day brings..
where you love and take care of yourself and others..
where you find time to do what you want to do..
where procrastination and limiting-beliefs are shunned from your mind..
where you push forward every day and make a difference!

All these may sound lofty and unrealistic but I’ve learnt(the hard way) that all this and more is possible. Its all in our minds and the way we train, empower and tune our minds. The key is to remember, that a moment of inspiration and motivation is not sufficient to see us through. We need to constantly feed our minds with food to keep us going and that is what my blog aims to do so. Living Life Full Out is mantra that I live by and this blog offers resources, tips, ideas to make you live life full out as well!!

What does it mean to you to live life full out


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